September 3, 2011

Stranger: Bernie Worrell on Earth (Philip di Fore, 2005)

Stranger: Bernie Worrell on EarthThe electronic keyboard legend who nobody knows. He's inspired many. Been sampled by plenty. But who, indeed, is Bernie Worrell. The keys behind Parliament Funkadelic who also accompanied the likes of the Talking Heads and the Allman Brothers. Yet in a Robert Johnson type of tale. The talent has come at a price. Maybe it was his soul he traded away...or his sanity at least. Worrell lives when he plays. And when he's not playing...the precariousness of life becomes his pre-occupation. An interesting snapshot of a life teetering in balance. And a revelation of a talent you might have missed. Music fans, especially those of the aforementioned artists or even electronic music or spaced out jazz will find this film of worth.

Rating: 6/10