February 11, 2009

Ondskan ["Evil"] (Mikael Håfström, 2003)

A coming of age film with a twist Ondskan (Evil) is not scary monster dark; it's scary people dark. The story of Erik, a teenage boy whose home life is a wreck--his mother despondent, his stepfather physically abusive. Erik internalizes at home, but takes out his aggression out on his schoolmates. He is expelled. His mother sends him to a high-priced boarding school where he hopes to kick his violent habits. However, the upper class men of the school will make this difficult. In Erik one finds hope for redemption and recovery despite all the goes on to thwart his efforts. The evil of the school boys in this film is vicious. The abuses on campuses are believable and easy to relate to; though certainly most only have experienced lighter shades of the abuses portrayed in this film. Acted well. Shot well. An engrossing film worthy of viewing.